Free Yourself From Body Prison

In this 4 week self-paced online course, you will learn how to:

stop binge/emotional/overeating and eat mindfully and lovingly

ditch your negative body stories/body image and begin to see your body as neutral

drop weight/fat consciously, from a place of self-love instead of self-hate

find a balanced middle ground between body positivity and diet culture


during this program, you will learn my process for freeing yourself from body prison and adopting the concept of body neutrality, finding YOUR version of food freedom (however that looks for YOU), and approaching weight/fat loss from a conscious, loving mindset (yes, it’s possible)

what I teach removes guilt/fear and puts YOU in a position of empowerment around your body, food, and exercise choices. true freedom lies in letting go of rigid, made up black and white rules dictated by both the body positivity and diet culture worlds, and meeting yourself somewhere in the middle - no one should EVER be made to feel bad or wrong for the choices they make for themselves and their bodies, and I am here to guide you every step of the way.


Free yourself from body prison course Overview


Module 1: beginning the process of overcoming binge/emotional/overeating

In this module, we will begin to break down your food habits and go over things such as:

  • my method for dealing with binge/emotional/overeating

  • overcoming food guilt

  • “good” vs “bad” foods & what this really means

  • flexible dieting vs. intuitive eating

  • overcoming self-sabotage and self-punishment with your eating habits

  • mindfulness tools for eating

  • what to do when you are tempted to use food to stuff down your emotions

  • dealing with trigger foods & feeling out of control around certain foods

  • the yo-yo diet cycle

  • food addiction

  • overeating as a symptom of anxiousness

  • shifting your from a dieting mindset to a healthy mindset

  • achieving food balance (and what that looks like for you)

  • getting radically honest with yourself & your habits (also covered in weight/fat loss module)

MODULE 2: body image/body neutrality

in this module, we will dive into negative body image and shifting the perception of our bodies, including:

  • overcoming self-hatred around your body, and exploring your perception of fat vs skinny

  • how to accept your body as it is, while still working on being loving towards it - and giving yourself permission to change it if you desire

  • shifting the perception of your body

  • letting go of the need to have the “perfect body”

  • recognizing that your worth isn’t in how your body looks or doesn’t look

  • no longer being a victim of your body

  • how to begin shifting towards body neutrality

  • feeling the need to “get ready for summer” and having a “bikini body” - finding the balance between not having to fit these standards in order to wear a bathing suit, but still having body goals

module 3: weight/fat loss

in this module, we will cover myths around weight/fat loss, and shifting your reason for wanting to do it, including:

  • my method for changing your purpose for weight/fat loss, where you are able to come at it from self-love vs “if i lose weight, it will make me worthy”

  • shifting your limiting beliefs around weight/fat loss

  • learning to see your weight, fat, & the scale as neutral

  • letting go of any guilt around wanting to change your body & love yourself - giving yourself permission to change

  • getting radically honest with yourself & your habits (also covered in eating module)

  • why fat isn’t a bad word unless you choose to make it so & why we don’t need to fear fat

  • finding a form of exercise that is FUN and works for you

Module 4: finding your balanced middle ground between body positivity and diet culture

in this module, we will tie everything i’ve taught you so far together, and you will find your healthy balance between two extremes

  • neither of these extremes should make you feel bad or wrong or guilty for wanting to do what works best for you, whether that includes tracking your food intake, adopting healthy habits & changing your body, being more mindful, following flexible dieting, or whatever else you are doing to improve your health in a self-loving way

  • freeing yourself from body prison

 this program is for you if

  • you are confused at all the information about “how to be healthy”

  • you are intimidated by the health/fitness lifestyle & feel yourself stuck in repetitive unhealthy behaviors, but don’t know how to shift them

  • you are tired of trying to overcome your food struggles on your own

  • you hate your body and feel like the answer to your happiness is in changing how it looks (it’s not)

  • but also you want to learn how to change your body from a loving place, without placing your worth on body parts (it’s possible)

  • you feel wrong or guilty for wanting to drop fat because you are “supposed to love yourself as you are”

  • you really don’t like exercising, or your efforts are short-lived due to lack of “motivation”

  • you keep starting over again on Monday, only to “mess up” and start over again the next week

  • you believe you need to live up to the beauty ideal in order to be considered “good enough”

  • you’re scared of loving yourself and are too rooted in self-hatred to know how

  • you feel victimized by your body

  • you try to implement healthy behaviors, but ultimately end up self-sabotaging yourself out of fear

  • you tend to think toxic, negative thoughts about yourself and your body nearly 24/7

  • you’re afraid healthy = boring

  • you don’t fully resonate with body positivity or diet culture, but aren’t sure what else to do

  • you want to create positive lasting change around your eating habits, body, and exercise